How to Get Twitter Followers by using Twiends

What if I showed you by improving your Twitter strategy, that you could get 10,000 followers?

And if I said it would be relatively easy to do, too?

Yet here’s the thing: you can’t ignore your follower counting on Twitter as a measure of absolute vanity.

Not only does a higher count of followers means more influence in your business, but also shows that your content attracts your viewers, leads and customers.

One of the metrics that we keep a close eye on with our social media reports and audits is follower count. There’s plenty of great advice on how to expand your followers on social media (much of which I’ll convey below), and we’ve always been interested in the analysis behind the advice at Buffer. In particular, how do you raise your followers? What actionable strategies can you take to increase your numbers of followers today?

How to Get Twitter Followers?

It’s the toughest to earn the first 100 followers. Here are some ideas which will support you along the path. Here are the top 10tips to get twitter followers.

How to Get Twitter Followers

Consider yourself ‘Followable’

You can do a few easy things that will boost the chance that people will want to follow you. Facebook is a media network and it is regarded as such. Just the way your contact offline can not be all one-sided, neither should it be your online one. So, address, note, DM-something to initiate conversations.

Complete your profile

You should see a picture (preferably yours), a brief description, a header image, and some interesting tweets when someone comes to your profile. You don’t have many characters to play with so filling in your profile won’t take you long. A lot of people don’t even bother and to restrict the number of people willing to pursue you is a sure-fire way. If you haven’t filled up your profile then people don’t know much about you and can’t make a wise decision about what to connect to their network. This task is very helpful to get Twitter Followers.

Be a genuine person

Another problem with not completing your profile is that potential followers don’t even know whether you’re a real person or not. Twitterland has a rising number of spam-bots out there. Prove that you are not one of them by filling out your profile and showing a photo of the user. If you come off like a normal Joe, you are more likely to be followed-so an image of yourself rather than your logo (if you have one) is a brilliant idea. So it even goes a long way to add your actual name. It can seem very odd to share ideas with someone whose name you are unsure of (and sometimes even gender!)!

Twit more information twits

If you’re not doing something, you can be sure there’s nobody involved in listening. And when you do tweet, there won’t be a whole lot of people listening at first, but stick to it … Share useful information and connections Make your tweets useful by sharing great links, retweeting great tweets you see. Consider your tweets a must and people will follow fast.  Twitter wants involvement. When you can’t trust yourself to tweet daily, plan tweets. If you’re away for a bit, you’ll miss your followers forever.

Find Relevant Followers Into the Community

Here’s a quick, straightforward tip to gain some new followers and make yourself more noticeable in seconds while checking Twitter. You are afraid to post your contact list to any social network if you are like most people. Synchronizing your contact list with Twitter, however, will help you tap into the current network of people who are most likely to participate.

Use the advanced search on twitter, or resources like tweet adder looking for people similar to your niche, every day. As if you’ve got a blog connected to “wellness,” try out wellness or fitness as a keyword.

Using the Hashtags most appropriate in your tweets

Including trends and popular hashtags on Twitter in your social media posts is a perfect way to improve your tweets to reach users beyond even your own followers. If you use a common hashtag in a tweet, you reveal the message to everyone discussing the subject and looking at the related messages for that subject. Below are just a few tools you can use to find the appropriate and commercial hashtags for your company

Tweets containing hashtags have proved to be more successful than those without. This will help you draw new followers who are looking for your keywords and not only will you get followers, you will get followers of RIGHT who really enjoy what you write.

Boost your Twitter Followers by using Twiends

Twiends Started in 2009 and grow 6 million signups over that period of time with rates of 1000+ daily signups.

How to Get Twitter Followers by using Twiends

Twiends on Twitter lets you communicate with new people. You should increase your Twitter visibility so that more and more people are seeing and following your page.

Yeah, I’ve used it really before. If you are looking for a “Fast” boost in your following, Twiends is useful.

Now, I’m going to tell you the inside thing that most people either don’t know or don’t say.

“Twitter encourages those tweets that have more followers,” which means that if you add 100 bots to your twitter account, your tweeting experiences will grow dramatically. While growing your experiences chances of having more organic followers. So if you use Twiends to get followers to boost to raise interactions then it’s very useful.

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How to Use Twiends to Boost Your Twitter Followers?

That’s a very easy and quick to follow guidelines for those who want to increase their followers on Twitter. I presume you already have an understanding of how social media shares/likes exchange sites operate, or even if you don’t, you’ll learn the things you need to get you started here.

Here, I’ll write about Twiends. Twiends can be used to increase your Twitter followers. Functioning in the most simple fashion. You are chasing some, and some are coming after you. The more fans you have, the more people you have.

And here’s the basics to get you started.

1. Click here to go to Twiends.  Sign in via your Twitter account (as seen in the image below).

Get Free Twitter Followers Promotion

2. Tap on the “Authorize App” button. The user will get the rights for other items, as you can see in the picture below.


3. Only click “Follow” on the profiles that you want to follow.

4. You can see a box on the right-hand side indicating how many people you followed. You can pay $1, and show your profile. But what is the benefit of having the highlight feature? See the photo below.

Boost your Twitter Followers by using Twiends

Twiends is focusing on making the introduction, and by following them, you are concentrating on deciding how you want to link. Twiends are not a “get easy” place for followers or a train for followers. You can pick who you are talking to and they can do the same. We concentrate on making good interactions, and then you’ll always need to communicate with others.

Please share your experience with Twiends via Comment below.


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