Guest Posting Sites - High Authority Guest Blogging Sites

Guest Posting Sites – High Authority Guest Blogging Sites

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How do you go about guest posting?

What is the best way to write a guest article?

You’ve most likely got a lot of questions concerning this subject. And I’ll respond to all of them, as well as many others. But, before I show you how to guest post and what it can achieve for you, let’s define what it is…

Guest Posting sites are those websites that approve their user’s articles and post them on their blogs. Many people do guest blogging and share their good quality work and they can use such blog posts as a consumer guide. It’s used by SEO experts to get backlinks for their websites.

High Authority Guest Posting Sites

Here is the list of the best guest posting sites to get high-quality backlinks. Choose the best niche-related guest blogging sites to write articles.

No.WebsiteDAPACategoryTrafficCasino, CBD AcceptedContact Email
2https://ejobmitra.com4642Education, Job, Career, News,
3, Job, Career, News,
4, Business, Digital
5https://seohaste.com6237General, SEO, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Online Updates, NEWS, Startup, Software,
6https://nob6.com4541General, Technology,
7https://vooei.com5737Fashion, Beauty, Health, Travel, Home, Food,
8, News, Social,

What are guest postings, and how do they work?

Guest posting (also known as guest blogging) is articles that are published on another person’s website.

That’s all there is to it.

People do this to raise brand awareness and drive visitors back to their own websites (also known as referral traffic).

Guest blogging is one of the better SEO white hat processes possible to rate the website among the TOP 10 rankings. If we use this approach correctly, it is known to be a 100% white hat. Any article that you write on another site must look real, so it must not look like advertising material.

Establish Your Guest Blogging Targets

Before we get started, you must first define what your purpose is for guest blogging. Knowing your aim ahead of time can help you choose the best blogs to send guest posts to. Guest blogging usually has three main objectives.

  1. Establishing oneself as a thought leader and well-known figure in the business.
  2. Increasing the visibility (traffic) of your website.
  3. Increasing the number of backlinks to your website (though this should never be the main focus, as Google frowns on this).

You can do all three of these things with the correct kind of material on the top blogs.

Where Can I Look for Guest Blogging Opportunities?

The first thing you should do is look for opportunities to write guest posts. Your major goal while looking for locations to guest post is to identify sites that are matched to your area or industry. You’re on the lookout for websites that meet the following requirements:

  • Your niche/industry is addressed in the content.
  • Your industry will pique the curiosity of the blog’s readers.
  • The blog has a large following
  • If you’re selling plant seeds, for example, you’ll want to look for gardening blogs with a large following of grade school students.

Google Searches

When looking for guest writing possibilities, Google is an excellent place to start. You can identify blogs that allow guest posts by using any of the keyword searches below. Simply substitute your industry’s keywords for keywords.

  • “Submit a Guest Post” is a keyword.
  • “guest post” as a keyword
  • “guest post by” is a keyword.
  • “accepting guest posts” is a keyword.
  • “Guest post guidelines” is a keyword.

These queries should take you to a blog’s guest post guidelines, submission form, or actual guest articles from other writers.

Exceptional Guest Bloggers

Do you know any well-known guest bloggers in your field? You’ll recognize some of the same names that appear in guest blogs if you follow enough blogs in your business (which you should).

Search for the names of well-known guest bloggers in your field plus the term “guest post by” on Google. This will show you all of the websites where these guest bloggers have written. They should also be good spots for you to guest post. If you know a guest blogger in your sector who can introduce you to the proprietors of blogs where they’ve guest posted, that’s an added plus.

Social Searches

Many bloggers and guest posters will post links to their most recent guest articles on social media. Because Twitter is the easiest to search, consider doing a Twitter search for the keyword “guest post” to see the most recent tweets about guest articles in your business. Simply click on the links to find out which blogs are seeking guest contributions.

Competitor Backlinks

If you (or your internet marketing agency) have ever looked at a competitor’s backlink analysis while working on your SEO campaign, there’s a good possibility one or more of your competitors have backlinks from guest posts they’ve written.

If you have access to tools like Open Site Explorer, you may look at your competitors’ backlinks to see if any of their blog entries have been published.

If you still can’t find anything, try a Google search.

Why Is Guest Posting Important?

Guest posting/Guest blogging is not all about having backlinks. This is a chance to attract new audiences, grow followers, expand the web reach, and create partnerships with other niche influencers.

Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways bloggers can gain trust in their followers so you can certainly seek that out. For eg, don’t be afraid to sell to very nice blogs such as Forbes or Huffington Post. Such blogs require talented authors, so if the concept is interesting enough and you are willing to compose decent material, odds are that you can finally get accepted.

Free Grammar Checker Tools, Check Spell & Sentence Correction

Guest blogging provides several advantages for any company. Through promoting your experience on websites of other businesses, you will develop yourself as an authoritative figure in your industry, create partnerships with other experts in your sector and introduce your brand to a whole new audience. Find 10 Major Benefits of Guest Blogging here.

  1. It Helps Develop Your Domain Authority
  2. Build Your Credibility and Portfolio
  3. Get Quality Traffic
  4. Build Domain and Search Engine Authority
  5. Increase Your Brand Awareness
  6. Improve Your Writing Skills
  7. Build Your Online Influence
  8. Build Your User Base
  9. Know What Others Think of You
  10. Grow Your Social Media Profile

Preparing to Pitch a Guest Blogging Post

It’s worth noting that we don’t leap straight from looking for guest writing possibilities to contacting blogs. That’s because there are a few things you should do before submitting a guest post to a new blog.

Learn about the blog’s content

It’s essential to establish yourself with the content of your chosen blog. Sure, they contain content related to the term you were looking for when looking for guest posting chances. However, you will need to learn even more about that material, such as…

  • What is the audience they are writing for (beginners, intermediates, and advanced)?
  • What kind of audience is it that they’re writing for? If your company is B2B, you’ll want your guest post’s blog audience to be other businesses rather than general consumers.
  • What kind of material do they create? Is it more about broad principles or specific, in-depth tutorials? Do they enjoy making lists?

Examine How Other Guest Posts Perform

While a blog may include guest posts, the key is whether or not the guest bloggers are productive. Do the site’s guest blog entries receive the same number of comments and social shares as the site’s own blog posts? Some sites may welcome guest posts, but if the readership is primarily interested in the blog owner, you will struggle to gain authority or drive traffic back to your site.

Take a look at the list of guest bloggers

Certain types of persons are more likely to be accepted as guest bloggers by some site owners than others. Examine the profiles of a couple of the blog’s guest bloggers to determine if they’re fellow bloggers, freelancers, consultants, business owners, and so on.

When is the Best Time to Submit a Guest Post?

You won’t always have a wonderful opportunity to pitch a guest article, but there are a few things you should do when one presents itself. The following are some of them.

  • when a blog or social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.) mentions you in one of their posts
  • when a blog mentions you, your company, or your product in one of its articles
  • When a site clearly states that it is looking for guest posts, this is a good sign.
  • when a new guest post is published on the blog

How to Write a Fantastic Guest Post

One of the most frequently asked issues concerning guest blogging is whether you should use your finest content for your own site or for guest blogging. It all comes down to the quality of the blog to which you’re submitting your content.

If the site only contains 900+ word entries with a lot of screenshots, your post should follow suit. If the site only has entries with 500 words or fewer and only one image, your postings should (again) follow suit. Other helpful hints for making your guest post as fantastic as possible are included below.


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