Hidden Skype Emoticons & Emoji for Smart Users

Hidden Skype Emoticons, are you ready to make the hidden skype smileys a little more fun to talk with? Get the latest list of hidden Skype Emoji and surprise others.

Skype is the most common free calling app used by millions around the globe. You can use Skype emoticons to liven up your interactions with instant messages or you can add them to your mood message to let your friends know how you feel. Skype is the world’s best iPhone, Android and Windows Phone messenger which makes it easy to get in touch with friends and family anywhere. This messenger filled lots of traits and smileys.

An emoticon is represented by a shortcode, that is to say, a collection of symbols (punctuation marks, letters, and special signs) or a specific word in the brackets. You can either type the emoticon shortcode that you want to use directly in the chat or mood message window or pick it from the emoticon palette.

Hidden Skype Emoticons

We have a large set of Secret Skype emoticons here. Using emoticon codes to send emoticons to hidden Skype and brighten up your discussions. Here we update the latest hidden Skype emoticons that aren’t on the Skype menu, type them directly into the chatbox to use them. You can enjoy all the secret skype emoticons & animated smileys during skype chatting.

Icon Name Shortcuts
Microsoft Access emoticon access (access)
Bing emoticon bing (bing)
Drunk emoticon drunk (drunk)
Microsoft Excel emoticon excel (excel)
Finger emoticon finger (finger)
Groupme emoticon GroupMe (groupme)
Internet Explorer emoticon InternetExplorer (internetexplorer)
LLS shock llsshock (llsshock)
Microsoft emoticon Microsoft (microsoft)
Mooning emoticon mooning (mooning)
Neil emoticon Neil (neil)
Oliver emoticon Oliver (oliver)
Microsoft OneDrive emoticon onedrive (onedrive)
Microsoft OneNote emoticon OneNote (onenote)
On the loo emoticon ontheloo (ontheloo)
Microsoft Outlook emoticon outlook (outlook)
Pool party emoticon poolparty (poolparty)
Poop emoticon poop (poop)
Microsoft PowerPoint emoticon PowerPoint (powerpoint)
Microsoft Publisher emoticon publisher (publisher)
Santa mooning emoticon Santa mooning (santamooning)
SharePoint emoticon SharePoint (sharepoint)
Sheep emoticon sheep (sheep)
Skill emoticon Peter (peter)
Skype emoticon skype (skype)
Skype for Business emoticon skypebiz (skypebiz)
Smoke emoticon smoke (smoke)
Tauri emoticon Tauri (tauri)
Windows 10 emoticon win10 (win10)
Microsoft Word emoticon word (word)
WTF emoticon wtf (wtf)
Xbox logo emoticon Xbox (xbox)


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