LinkNotifier Review – Not Recommended for Backlink

Looking to diversify your profile on the backlink in 2020? With LinkNotifier review you will learn how to use this tool perfectly to build strong backlinks.

Backlinks are simply links that provide links to other web pages. With more incoming backlinks from other web pages, Search Engine bots would allow your website to get crawled and indexed faster, boost its organic ranking, and increase its referral traffic.

Here’s the thing you need to improve your search engine rankings to bring more visitors to your web site. One way to rank well, and then create more organic traffic, is to obtain backlinks from your industry’s reputable web pages.

Here is a service like LinkNotifier that keeps you up to date with the link profile of your website and creates your links.

LinkNotifier Review

LinkNotifier supports you to manage and find the links that your niche actually needs to grow larger, via the AI Algorithm that studies each of our customers carefully and suggests you share links to make them secure and fast. LinkNotifer is a web service that enables your backlink profile to be understandable and traffic enhanced through an exclusive link exchange system.

When you have to exchange your links, your partners will not be able to delete your connection easily without understanding it first. If your connection will remain alive at all of the websites in which you want to exchange links, your partners will not be able to.

They state that their service is being used – and is rising – by over 9270 people.

LinkNotifier Review

LinkNotifier Features

“Link Exchange” is the golden rule for a lot of SEO traffic. The greater the traffic you share with your social network and web partners. LinkNotifer offers many features, like:

  • Artificial Intelligence: LinkNotifier also developed a highly sophisticated SEO deep learning algorithm to verify which sites are beneficial to your niche in order to increase your traffic.
  • Link Exchange Still There: LinkNotifier Makes sure and verifies that your marketing is successful by checking if your partners still view their links on your preferred website, inform you and others if they delete it.
  • Website Up Check: LinkNotifier Constantly checks whether your website is still up or down, alerts you and a broad email list when down, so you won’t miss any traffic in the future.
  • Check for Broken Links: LinkNotifier monitors & checks regularly that every link on your website is up and current. You will provide a comprehensive report of all links which do not operate on your site.
  • No Downloads: LinkNotifier On Cloud races. No need to install some apps, you can logout, close your browser or even turn off your laptop once you set it up, then just go on long holidays and enjoy!
  • Build a Sitemap: LinkNotifier will create a sitemap of all your pages and links on request. A complete overview of all the Sitemaps generated with SEO intent can be viewed from your dashboard at any time.
  • Easy Setup: You are going to get it up and running in under 5 minutes! We have designed our website to run smoothly on all mobile devices. Now, you can access and control your marketing tool Links Exchange whenever you want, wherever you are.
  • Explode Your Site with Traffic: LinkNotifier allows you to accumulate several different connections to your website so that your website can experience a lot more Customers & Traffic than ever before.
  • Try it Free: Try LinkNotifier free of charge and see why more than 9,270 global customers use our resources to achieve huge SEO marketing success with Links Exchange.

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How to configure LinkNotifier

Here’s how to configure LinkNotifier to achieve a huge marketing boost with more information on your Link Exchange effort:

  1. Add New Project – Build a new Link Exchange project for each of your customers to handle all related connections under one common location.
  2. Choose Your Actions – Go to your Dashboard and pick the actions you want to perform on LinkNotifier. Monitor if a website is up, track if the links are still up, create a sitemap, report broken links, join the exchange system … When you uncheck an operation from your dashboard it is not going to be done at all.
  3. Add Email Notifiers – Go to your Dashboard and add emails on the right where you would like to be alerted if there are no links or down the pages.
  4. Add Website – Go to My Website Panel and add a Website to the right, turn it on, Choose your activities on this Website such as: sign it on Our Link Exchange System, Check whether the Website is up or down, Create a Website Sitemap, Get Broken Link Reports …
  5. Exchange-Links – Press the Share button and pick which websites to exchange links with
  6. Add Links – Go to your My Links Panel and add a New Connection on the right. Choose The link you want to check if it is alive, then choose the list of websites where you want to verify that your connection is still there, and finally write a brief memo on what to do if the links are not alive
  7. Start LinkNotifier -You are all set! Do not forget to hit your dashboard with the “START” Button. Right here you can close your tab, turn off your PC and go on a long holiday. LinkNotifier will work hard to make your website grow big and track if the website is still up.
  8. Any modifications – Need to add Email Notifiers, check/uncheck your dashboard operation, just do it, there’s no need to restart the service (press the stop button and then the start button). LinkNotifier is smart enough to make any minor adjustments without restarting.
  9. Questions Or recommendations? – Any questions about how to use your LinkNotifier tool or maybe even a new feature that you would like us to add just for you.

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Basic Price of LinkNotifier

You will use all this hard work for under 1 $a day!

  • 30 days – $ 5.00 ($0.17 per day)
  • 90 days – $ 14.00 ($0.16 per day)
  • 180 days – $ 27.00 ($0.15 per day)
  • 365 days – $ 52.00 ($0.14 per day)
  • 1000 days – $ 100.00 ($0.10 per day)
  • 3000 days – $ 250.00 ($0.08 per day)


  • All Payments based on One Time Payment. No subscription
  • Payments are safe and processed with PayPal on https secure protocol.

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Nob6 Blog Not Recommended any link exchange program.

Any links intended to exploit PageRank or Google search results ranking of a site could be viewed as part of a link scheme and a breach of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This includes any activity that manipulates site links or outgoing site links.

Use LinkNotifier smartly to build strong backlinks. We are strongly recommended use links in the article or via a Guest posting service. we don’t recommend making any link exchange page on your website or insert links in the footer on your website.


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