Thanks to Amazon, One Medical and Whole Foods are on the same dang shelf – Nob6

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines.

AlexNatasha and Mary Ann got together with Grace once again this week for our weekly roundup show, and as often happens, news broke as we were gearing up to record. So we had to touch on the huge Amazon-One Medical deal to get started. Naturally we all had thoughts.

What else did we get into? The following:

  • Crunchbase raised $50 million! Yes, our former employer has raised a new, large round that had us all thinking about its health, our history thereof, and our love for its news team and other parts of the company we remember fondly.
  • Just what is Arkive building, and are we in favor of its work to build a sort of NFT-powered, decentralized IRL library. There is a DAO involved as well.
  • ForSight is building eye-surgery robots, just raised a stack itself, and we are hype about it. It reinforces a key learning from Natasha’s recent robotics panel, which was part bullish, part bearish. 
  • From there, it was time to talk the bevy of new venture funds that came out, the end of Modsy — or is it? — and a few stories that touch on the Ukraine situation, including a huge Russian fine of Google, Preply’s latest funding round, and how solar power can combat fascism.

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