How to track Mumbai local trains easily

The Central Railway has introduced a new live-tracking application for Mumbaikars to track their local trains for daily commuting. The app, called Yatri, is available as a free download on Android and iOS, and users can download and start using the app right away to track trains in real-time.

The Yatri app can be used to track train arrival timings in real-time using GPS tracking, and in addition to that, users will also be able to track Mumbai Metro trains, the Monorail and even Ferry rides. Here’s how you can easily use the application to track trains and plan your journey accordingly.

Step 1: Download the Yatri app

Download the Yatri application from the Google Play Store on Android phones and Apple App Store on iOS devices. You can then follow on-screen instructions to set the app up. Users will also need to give the application location permissions to be able to use some features including finding nearby trains and stations.

Step 2: Decide your mode of transportation on the main page

On the main page, you will see multiple options like Local, Metro, Mono, Bus and Ferry. Tap on the desired mode of transportation.

Step 3: Enter a starting location

In the box below that says “You are starting from…?” enter your source station. You can either begin typing the name of your closest station right away or use the sub-categories below that segregate the various local lines in the Mumbai local train network to quickly narrow down your results.

yatri, yatri app, yatri mumbai app Select your source station as shown. (Express Photo)

The sub-categories will also help you find the correct station in case multiple stations across multiple lines have the same name, like ‘Matunga’ and ‘Matunga Rd’.

Step 4: Enter your destination or select a direction of travel

Once you have entered a source, you can either enter a destination station or choose a direction of travel like ‘towards CSMT’ or ‘towards Khopoli’.

Once this is done, you will see a number of available train options below. Under each train, you will see a small indicator of where the train is right now. If you see no indicator, it means the train has not yet left its source station.

yatri, yatri app, yatri mumbai app Select your destination or direction of travel, and you’ll be able to see a list of relevant trains. tap on any listing to see the live position of the train. (Express Photo)

You can also click on any individual train listing to track the train in real-time on a map of Mumbai. This map will also highlight your source station so you can gauge how close or far you are from the train and plan accordingly.

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