Top 4 Ways of Mobile Application to Bring the Changes On-demand Industry

On-demand Industry is a booming industry and it attracts many professionals and investors since the growth of the industry is unimaginable. The penetration of the internet platforms creates the web portal for the on-demand business in which buyers and sellers are aggregated through the web portals. Any buyer can visualize the products in the web […]

Top 3 Amazing Ways to Embed Instagram Widget on Website

Social media is among the widely used tactics among marketers to reach out to their audience. Instagram is a popular social media platform that is used by most of the marketers to promote their brand. Instagram has reduced the gap between marketers and customers by growing its user base at a rapid rate. This is […]

Best Tech Blogs and Websites You Must Follow 2020

Is your browsing history teeming with technology-related sites? Are you looking for the best tech blogs worldwide to follow on the Internet? Are you concerned about yourself as a tech enthusiast? There are so many best tech bloggers or tech creatives who are respected nationally and have expertise in their field. I have addressed the […]

Why the Wired Keyboards are Better than Wireless Keyboards?

Everyone knows in the present time. Technology improved keyboard upgraded from wired to wireless. In 19 century everyone uses the wired keyboard but no one knows about wireless technology. The wireless technology has loopholes. Which can bring problems for you? New Technology Comes with new problems. 2 Problems you face if you have a wireless […]

The Full List of Apps That Have Been Banned in India

The Ministry of Information and Technology on Thursday (02/11/2020) bans more Chinese apps including the country’s famous PUBG Smartphone Game. The Government has banned 118 applications located in China this time. The software can still be found on the Google Play store and the Apple App Store. The new app list includes a total of […]

How to Create a Business Mobile App on the Android Platform from Scratch?

Create a Business Mobile App on the Android Platform from Scratch: The modern world is completely dependent on mobile phones. Every business and idea needs a mobile phone to operate and grow globally. The usage of smartphones is increasing due to the usage of mobile applications. Android App Development Services help u to build mobile […]