The Full List of Apps That Have Been Banned in India

The Ministry of Information and Technology on Thursday (02/11/2020) bans more Chinese apps including the country’s famous PUBG Smartphone Game. The Government has banned 118 applications located in China this time. The software can still be found on the Google Play store and the Apple App Store. The new app list includes a total of […]

How to Create a Business Mobile App on the Android Platform from Scratch?

Create a Business Mobile App on the Android Platform from Scratch: The modern world is completely dependent on mobile phones. Every business and idea needs a mobile phone to operate and grow globally. The usage of smartphones is increasing due to the usage of mobile applications. Android App Development Services help u to build mobile […]

World’s Best Mobile App Development Companies & Developers

Searching for the best mobile app development companies in the World? Find a hand-picked list of top 10+ web development companies in the world. List of top 10 Mobile App Development Companies For many companies, creating mobile apps is the latest trend. With many mobile app development companies growing, it’s difficult to find the world’s […]

8 Proven Salon Marketing Strategies That Works

Salon Marketing Strategies: Here are the working Salon Marketing Strategies that work and require starting a salon business. In a competitive world, it is the major responsibility of the owner to make the customers happy. But to keep the customers engaged for a long time is a difficult task. This is happening in every business, […]

Recover from Outlook Error ‘Exchange is Currently in Recovery Mode’ With Ease

In the world of evolving communication, the widely used software for e-communication is the MS Exchange Server and Outlook. Most small, medium or big enterprises in the world use the Outlook and MS exchange server. These two need to work hand in hand to keep the workflow as smooth as possible. But we don’t always […]

How to protect customer data for Business Security

To concerned customers, it appears to be another security rupture that hits the news consistently. Some enormous box stores are so defenseless against security assaults that buying anything from them triggers a quick call from the bank and, potentially, a charge card lock. Protect customer data for Business Security Retail locations are not by any […]