5 Less-Used Yet Great SEO Tools for Content Marketers

5 Less-Used Yet Great SEO Tools for Content Marketers

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Over the years, content marketing has evolved to become a holistic marketing approach that requires written content as well as other types of content such as videos, infographics, podcasts, etc.

According to Worldmeters.com, nearly 5 million blogs get published daily. In this fierce competition, creating and posting content on the internet is not enough. You need to have a robust content distribution strategy in place to reach your target audience effectively. 

There are numerous tools available on the internet that content marketers can use to optimize content distribution and ensure the content is reaching the target audience.

While most content marketers use popular tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush, there are many lesser-known but highly effective tools available on the internet that can take your content marketing game to the next level and can also shine in your Sales & Marketing Head resume.

Here are the top 5 underrated content marketing tools:

1. LSI Graph:

LSI keywords stand for Latent Semantic Indexing keywords. With the LSI Graph tool, you can find out contextually relevant keywords for any parent keyword. Not only that, the tool provides keyword volumes and relevancy of the latent keywords so that you can identify the most valuable keywords to use in your blogs.

2. Google Page Speed Insights

According to Google, page speed is one of the most important ranking factors for a website.

Developing an engaging website takes a lot of effort. But if the website is slow, prospects will bounce off from your website, and you will lose valuable traffic. Research has shown that if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load on mobile, 53% of people leave the website.

Google Page Speed Insights help you analyze the website and provide you with crucial information for reducing the loading speed.

The tool is simple to use. Go to the Google Page Speed Insights website and enter the website URL you want to analyze. It will show you page speed score along with insights for slow loading speed for both mobile and desktop devices.

3. Open Link Profiler

Acquiring quality backlinks is essential for improving the domain ranking of a website and improving the Google search ranking.

Open Link Profiler is a completely free tool that lets you check the backlinks for any website. Just enter the domain name on the search box, and the tool will show you all the backlinks a website has. It even lets you import the entire backlink data into a spreadsheet.

This tool is great for analyzing competitors’ backlinks. Let’s say you are working on generating more backlinks for your website. You can put the competitor’s domain name on the tool and extract the competitor’s backlink data. Later, you can use this data to target specific websites for backlinks.

4. Blog Topic Generator

It is challenging to come up with engaging blog topic ideas constantly. The Blog Topic Generator tool can help you find different blog ideas when you hit a creative block.

You just need to enter a noun on the tool and hit the “Give me blog ideas” button. And it will give you a bunch of blog ideas which you utilize to write a blog. The free plan only gives five blog topic ideas.

For instance, we entered “Backlink, SEO & Content” on the tool, and it provided us with the following topics:

  • Backlink: Expectations vs. Reality
  • Will SEO Ever Rule the World?
  • The Next Big Thing in Content?
  • Backlink Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters
  • This Week’s Top Stories About SEO

Note: The premium feature of the tool gives you 250 blog ideas for a noun.


WUFOO is one of the underrated survey form builder tools that are perfect for content marketers. It has different pre-built templates for creating a variety of survey forms according to your requirements. It also has an anonymous survey option to protect the identity of the voters.

Here’s why WHFOO is beneficial for content marketers:

  • The data gathered from WHFOO forms are well organized and easy to analyze.
  • With the pre-built templates, non-technical professionals also can quickly build forms within minutes.
  • WHFOO has sign-up forms and contacts forms as well, which will help you in lead generation.


We mostly know about the popular content marketing tools because of their aggressive marketing techniques. But there are many lesser-known but effective content marketing tools in the market that can help you get the same result at a fraction of the cost. Try out the above-mentioned content marketing tools and see for yourself which one works best for you.

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