5 Modern Ways to Invest in Gold

5 Modern Ways to Invest in Gold

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Gold serves more than jewelry to Indians, and works well as an investment choice. It is been one of the oldest means of generating extra income, through gold investments. Currently, due to the capture of the digital era, a huge crowd is been moving towards Digital Gold.

5 Modern Ways to Invest in Gold

In the form of gold, there are several sorts of mutual funds or SIP as well. In general, these Gold mutual funds invest in foreign gold mining firms. Consequently, there are five various approaches to Investing in Gold.

Digi Gold:

As previously said, actual gold in the shape of coins, jewelry, or bars may even be purchased online today at a Gold Rate. In India, digital gold is frequently available on digital wallets. E-Swarna is a leading Digital Gold vendor offering you various gold-related services.

Gold bars or Bullions:

Purchasing gold in the form of bars or coins is one of the most emotionally fulfilling methods to do so. Although owning more than a little amount has significant disadvantages, you will enjoy the delight of feeling and gazing at it. The necessity of securing and insuring actual gold is one of the biggest difficulties.

The price of the commodity must increase in order for buyers of actual gold to benefit. In contrast, business owners may increase profit by producing more gold, which raises the investment level in their firm.

You may buy gold bullion in a variety of methods, including via an online merchant, or from a nearby vendor. A pawn store may sell gold as well. Keep track of gold’s spot price – the rate per ounce in the market right now – as you buy so you can get a good bargain. You may wish to trade in bars rather than coins because a coin collector’s value is likely to outweigh its gold content.

If you need must sell your gold, the second-largest danger arises. It might be difficult to obtain the full value of your possessions, especially if they are coins and you want funds immediately. As a result, you may be forced to accept selling your shares at a significantly lower price than they would otherwise fetch on a marketplace.

Exchange-Traded Funds for Gold (ETFs):

With gold ETFs, you may effectively own a set amount of the metal without having to deal with the hassle of doing so. Owning gold physically carries no danger because Gold ETFs are held in paper format.

Gold ETFs may be bought and sold on the stock market with the assistance of a broker and a Demat account. One gram unit is the very minimum you need to start investing. If an investor wants to take out a loan against his gold ETFs, they may also be used for collateral.

Purchase gold with a Gold SIP:

The ideal option to purchase gold without having to spend a large chunk of money all at once is through a Systematic Investment Plan. The concept is to pay a certain amount consistently each month in order to get a larger sum at the conclusion of the term.

The biggest feature of the Eswarna Gold SIP is that, if you choose the flexible option, you can stop investing at any moment throughout the duration. Depending on the plan, you may start with as little as Rs 1,000 each month and have the gold delivered to your home at the conclusion or midway through the duration. The main advantage of sip in gold is that you do not need a Demat account or pay any additional fees.

Gold Sovereign Bonds:

RBI issues sovereign gold bonds. They are released in 1gm increments, and a single investor can purchase up to 4 kilograms. As a substitute for actual gold, they are classified as government securities. These Sovereign Gold Bonds get an eight-year term, with only the last three years available for withdrawal. The bonds also pay a 2.5% interest rate on the initial investment. Once the subscription period is finished, investors can purchase & sell the bonds through stock markets.

5 Modern Ways to Invest in Gold
5 Modern Ways to Invest in Gold

What attracts people to invest in Digital Gold?

  • Purity: Prior to hallmarking becoming required, buying physical gold raised serious questions about the purity of the metal, which is totally dispelled in digital items.
  • Security and Locker Fees: Storing real gold in bank lockers is a dangerous business that imposes additional costs in the form of lockers rents. This is not the case with digital gold, which may be traded and cannot be taken from our Demat accounts. Earning a return on physical gold is indeed not conceivable; keeping it in a safe necessitates a cash outflow.
  • Lower FD Rates: There was a time when monies held in FDs doubled in five years, but as rates have fallen well below inflation levels consumers have begun to transfer to more secure asset classes.
  • Increased Awareness: As technology advances, the general public’s access to knowledge grows. With increasing information and education, investors are becoming more aware of numerous types of investment. Investors, for example, have begun to distinguish between endowment plans and life insurance, or are now separating investment and insurance products.
  • Manufacturing Charges: When purchasing physical gold in jewelry form, investors must pay at least 8% in making costs on top of the gold price, which raises the buying cost and reduces profits. As a result, investors are increasingly looking to purchase digital gold, which is free of all making charges.

Also, as our financial markets have become more efficient, we have witnessed the transition from shares on paper to Demat, alleviating all of the obstacles associated with investing, such as the situation with gold. Investors have begun to recognize the distinction between investing in gold and purchasing jewelry for various decorative purposes.


Not everyone should invest in gold, and some investors prefer to stay with making bets on companies with steady cash flow rather than hoping that someone else would pay more for the flashy metal. Additionally, stocks and ETFs are simple to hold and very liquid, allowing you to rapidly convert your investment to cash if necessary.


Invest in Gold

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