7 Ways to Build an e-Commerce Website from Scratch

7 Ways to Build an e-Commerce Website from Scratch

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7 Ways to Build an e-Commerce Website from Scratch: With the pandemic here to stay, the economy has taken a hit that we didn’t see coming. That being said, one of the only services that seem to help people stay afloat is the e-commerce industry.

E-commerce is all about rendering services that involve the exchange of goods, money, and even data. With everything going digital, it is safe to say that this will help maintain some continuity for businesses all over.

7 Ways to Build an e-Commerce Website from Scratch

7 steps to building your own e-commerce website

Since staying home and staying safe is what all of us need to adhere to, this industry is ensuring we stay productive as well. Without further ado, let us see how you can build an e-commerce website from scratch and how simple it actually is.

Purchase a domain

domain search for freeThis is the very first step to making sure that your niche and products are well received by the audience at whom they are targeted. Buy a domain in order to avoid duplication and to trademark your brand. Find a good name for your domain and also check the availability of the same. It should be related to your business and should also speak to your target audience. Furthermore, you need to invest in a good host provider that can support the extension you choose. They say that “.com” is way better as compared to others like “.biz”, “.in”, “.co” and so on.

Select a good platform for the purpose of e-commerce

While this may confuse a lot of business owners, it is however a very essential step when you’re building from scratch. Like any business owner, your aim will also be to keep up a good momentum and gain profits from the same. So be sure to select a platform that will complement your business model.

Build trust through the trust-mark

In order for customers to feel a certain amount of trust in the services that your business offers, displaying the trust mark logos will help gain your consumer’s loyalty.

Transparency about the products

Build an e-Commerce WebsiteFrom the images to the descriptions, your products must have the clarity that your customers are looking for. This is very important because it affects the customer’s decision to purchase or for that matter, tampers with the shopping pattern of the customer. Similarly, if you lay it all out with clear and concise content, then they’re likely to buy your product.

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Pick the right payment gateway

When it comes to online transactions, we are all apprehensive. Only if it is a trusted website, is one sure of sharing card details there. To ensure that customized don’t feel unsafe or unsure, give them the benefit of the doubt and offer more than one mode of payment. Some customers might want to pay via COD while others may prefer an online transaction; give them the choice and tie-up with a good and trusted gateway.

Speed of your website

website speed testThis can also be a deciding factor for a customer to make the purchase or withdraw from it. Slow websites in the digital age are lesser-heard of but exist nonetheless. Avoid putting too many heavy designs in there that might affect the speed of the website.

If research is something to go by then people tend to leave a website if it doesn’t load within the average time taken, which is 5 seconds. This can actually be a factor that drives potential buyers away from their competitors.

Along with the speed, you need to have a good CMS (content management system) in place that allows you to manage, create, post, edit, publish all your content.

Choosing the best shipping partner

This is where the real confusion begins because just one carrier may not be able to meet all of your requirements. You need to ensure that the carrier covers all items to be shipped along with the different pin codes. The decision to find the right shipping partner is a game-changer for your business because it is the final step that guarantees customer satisfaction. Having a product reach your customer late or in a bad condition can only mean bad reviews and that’s something you want to avoid

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Well, with that you have your very own e-commerce website that can now help you run a business successfully. All you need to keep in mind is who you’re catering your products to, their preference, and so on. There are tools readily available for your perusal. These tools will tell you more about your audience and how best you can tweak the content and make it suitable.

Now that we have helped you create your website, let us help you choose the right shipping partner that supports your business requirements. Dash101 is your one-stop-shop, integrated with Shopify and providing easy solutions for courier services across. More than a shipping partner, it is a business partner that aligns your business by providing the right structure.


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