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Bulk URL Opener – Open Multiple Links or Websites

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At the same time, open a long number of URLs! Copy and paste URLs into the Bulk URL Opener websites or apps, then click Submit. To open all of the URLs at once, press Open All (which will display), or open each URL individually.

We recommend that you set your browser to launch new tabs instead of new windows. Note that opening too many at once can cause your computer to slow down.

Bulk URL Opener

Bulk URL Opener is a simple but effective productivity tool that allows academics, SEOs, and any other website visitor to open URLs in bulk from a list of website links or a block of text.

To quickly access a huge number of links, copy and paste from a document, spreadsheet, or another sort of web material; or type in a list of domain names and paths.

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How Do SEOs Make Use of URL Openers?

Knowing which links are on your website may help SEO pros and beginners alike weed out bad links and encourage high-quality ones. Make sure your site doesn’t have any connections to spam or low-quality material by using URL Opener. It can also be used to sort through article comments, which have previously been utilized by black hat SEOs to spam.

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Why Multiple URL Opener

  • Improve Productivity by Opening Multiple Links at Once
  • Open Multiple Links at the Same Time
  • All Major Browsers are Compatible
  • Web Tool that is completely free

Best Bulk URL Opener

Here is the list of best Bulk Website Url Openers.

1. Bulk URL Opener Chrome Extention

Bulk URL Opener Extension chrome extension download, Multiple URL Openers Extension addon download for Google Chrome, Bulk URL Opener Extension for chrome Free download,

Google Chrome Plugin NameBulk URL Opener Extension
Chrome extension categoriesProductivity
Bulk URL Open Extension Chrome Extension PageDownload Here
Total Number of Extension users700K+
Bulk URL Opener Extension Extension Reviewed by68 Chrome Users
Extension categoryOther Application

2. Download Bulk URL Opener Extention for Firefox

Here is the best Bulk URL Opener for Firefox for Download. Allows users to open a list of URLs in one click.

About this Multiapl URL Open Firefox extension

A basic and straightforward addon that allows the user to open a list of URLs with a single click. Alternatively, you can create and save lists of links that you frequently use, and then load them from the drop-down menu in the extension to quickly and simply open vast numbers of links.

Key Features:-

  • Allows a user to quickly and simply open a list of links.
  • The ability to save, load, and change lists of links to make storing and using a large number of links easier.
  • Tab Creation Delay: This feature was requested by users and allows them to specify a delay (in seconds) between each tab being generated when a large number of links are opened.

Download Here

3. Best Bulk URL Opener extension – Opera add-ons

Bulk URL Opener Opera add-ons simply allow you to open several URLs at the same time (in new tabs or windows).

To use, type each URL in a new line (or paste the list) and then click the “Open All” button. All of the pages will be opened in different tabs or windows by the program (depending on your settings).

If a URL does not provide a scheme, HTTP will be used by default. In other words, for “HTTP://” sites, you can skip the protocol component and only enter the relevant information. If you input “,” for example, it will be instantly translated to “”

About the extension

  • Downloads: 23,182
  • Category: Productivity
  • Version:
  • Size: 41.6 KB
  • Last update: April 3, 2015
  • License: Copyright 2015 melanto

Download Here

4. Best Open Multiple URL Website

When you have to copy and paste each URL one by one in distinct web browser tabs, it can be tedious, especially if your job requires you to view numerous websites at once, such as web-hosting providers or any digital marketing executive who verifies bulk links at once.

So, how about copying all of the URLs and pasting them into a single text box, then opening all of the websites with a single click? There is no limit to the number of URLs that can be opened in multiple URL openers. With a single click, you can access 20-25 URLs at once.

How to use the Open Multiple URL Website Tool?

  • Simply copy (CTRL+C) and paste the URLs into the Open Multiple URL text section (CTRL+V). Each URL or link to a website must be on its own line.
  • When you click the “GO NOW” button, your results will be processed and websites will begin to load in your browser right away.
  • All of the given URLs open in new browser tabs. This program is incredibly simple to use and is completely free. There is no need to download anything; you may use it online from any place with an Internet connection.

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