Illustrative Examples of Business Analysis Techniques for Various Business Challenges

Illustrative Examples of Business Analysis Techniques for Various Business Challenges

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Business analysis is a multifaceted discipline that employs a wide range of techniques to address various business challenges. From identifying opportunities for improvement to solving complex problems, business analysts use their skills and knowledge to drive organizational success. In this blog, we’ll explore illustrative Business Analysis Example used to tackle different business challenges. If you’re interested in mastering these techniques, consider enrolling in Business Analysis Training programs that offer practical insights and hands-on experience with real-world examples.

SWOT Analysis for Strategic Planning

SWOT analysis is a common method for evaluating an organisation’s opportunities, threats, weaknesses, and strengths. Businesses may use this research to identify external opportunities and risks, such as market trends or competitive pressures, as well as internal strengths and weaknesses, including special competencies or areas needing development. Organisations may use a SWOT analysis to help guide their strategic planning process by creating plans to take advantage of opportunities, fix weaknesses, and minimise threats.

Example: A retail corporation does a SWOT analysis to assess its place in the market. It points out advantages like a well-established brand presence and disadvantages like a scant internet presence. It acknowledges the risks posed by increasing competition and the potential presented by entering new markets. In light of this study, the business chooses to invest in an e-commerce platform to strengthen its position against competitors and take advantage of the expanding online market.

Root Cause Analysis for Problem-Solving

Determining the fundamental reasons for concerns or problems within an organisation is known as root cause analysis. It entails going beyond a problem’s outward manifestations to find its underlying causes. Organisations may create workable solutions that address the underlying problems rather than merely addressing the symptoms by determining the core causes, which will stop the issue from reoccurring.

Example: An IT business’s operations and customer satisfaction are negatively impacted by frequent system disruptions. According to a root cause study, inadequate backup systems and antiquated gear are to blame for the failures. To address the underlying causes of the outages and increase system dependability and customer satisfaction, the firm invests in updating its hardware and installing reliable backup solutions.

Process Mapping for Process Improvement

Process mapping is the method of graphically representing a process’s phases, inputs, outputs, and interactions. Using this method, organisations may see areas for improvement, discover inefficiencies, and better understand how a process is being run. Organisations may increase productivity, reduce duplication, and simplify operations by outlining procedures.

Example: Process mapping is used by a manufacturing organisation to examine its workflow. The map shows several departmental handoffs, which cause mistakes and delays. Redesigning the process reduces lead times and improves quality by streamlining communication, minimising handoffs, and enhancing departmental cooperation.

Data Analysis for Decision-Making

The process of examining and interpreting data to find patterns and aid in decision-making is known as data analysis. Business analysts process and analyse data using various statistical and analytical techniques, including regression analysis, trend analysis, and predictive modelling. Organisations may make wise judgements using data analysis to get insightful knowledge about their operations, consumer behaviour, market trends, and other important aspects.

Example: A marketing company analyses customer data to identify trends and patterns in customer behaviour. According to the data, many clients leave the company’s website at the checkout page. This information helps the business optimise its checkout procedure, making it easier for users to complete purchases by streamlining the procedures and enhancing the customer experience.


A wide range of methods are included in business analysis, which may be used to tackle different business problems. Business analysts employ these methods, including strategic planning, problem-solving, process improvement, and decision-making, to promote positive organisational change. Consider enrolling in business analysis training programmes that thoroughly treat these subjects to learn more about these methods and how to use them in practical situations. By becoming an expert in these methods, you may contribute significantly to any organisation, assisting it in overcoming difficult obstacles and achieving its goals.


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