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The popularity of Fantasy Cricket is increasing day by day, Fantasy cricket platform is the standout among the most popular online games that fascinates a lot of players and cricket lovers on this platform. People from every corner of the world love to watch and play cricket. Imagine if this facility will be available on your mobile phone then you do not need to go outside to play the game. You can enjoy the game at your home by just downloading an application.

Most of the Fantasy cricket applications have come up with some exciting features and cash prices by which you can earn money at home by winning the match. You can also share your score with friends and family members. All these benefits attract a young crowd and young entrepreneurs to build their career in this field. If you are looking for Fantasy Cricket Website Development then this blog is only for you. Before starting your business in fantasy sports, you have to know some strategies that can reach your website and business to the next level.

What is the Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy Cricket is a virtual game that includes a lot of leagues and matches. Under this, players create a virtual; team of real players and join contests, win and lose depends upon the performance of the players. By winning the match team players can win some exciting bonuses and cash prizes.

Understand the Market Of Fantasy Cricket:

The Usage of mobile phones is increasing day by day and bringing a great change in demand for fantasy cricket. The virtual games market is expected to grow to $2147 million by 2020.

This amazing growth increases the demand for different sports like fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy baseball, and basketball, etc.

Some Facts related to fantasy cricket across the globe are:

  • 50% of users are using their smartphones only for playing fantasy sports.
  • 58% of users belong to 18 to 25 years old in age.
  • Famous games in fantasy sports are cricket, football, and basketball.
  • In the USA 60% of users are playing fantasy sports and 300+ operators.
  • In India, IPL is breaking all the records of popularity.

Features and Functions of Fantasy Cricket Website:

User panel:

Home Screen:

Whenever a user wanna play the game, the first page that he opens is the home screen from where he log-in with his mail id and passwords to play the game. On the home screen, users get a variety of features like kind of leagues and matches, match timing, players’ information, etc.

Users Profile:

This feature allows the users to create their profile by including some important information like name, profile image, address, mail id, and a small bio.

Create Contest:

By feeding some important information like contest name, size, entry fees, users can create contests of their own. Here users need to join the contest prior to creating.

Invite and Earn:

Users can invite their family and friends by sending referral code to them. They can earn money by referral.


This virtual wallet helps to withdraw the winning amount and also helps to transfer money to other users.

Admin Panel:

User-centric Dashboard:

This feature allows the admin to get the information related to total matches and earning prices(both played and ongoing matches).

Manage User and Contest:

Admin has control over all the activities like edit, delete, deactivate, and activate the account of users. Admin can also manage the contests, he can add, delete, or postpone the match.

Manage Earning and Rewards:

Admin can view earnings and can distribute the amount between winning teams.

What is Unique About Fantasy Cricket Application Development:

A mobile application gives portability to users in terms of use. This feature allows them to play cricket anytime, anywhere by just downloading a single application on their mobile phone. If we talk about something unique in fantasy cricket application so we can find its uniqueness in its features that make it stand out.

Some Unique Features Of Fantasy Cricket Application:

  1. Live group chat
  2. Social media sharing
  3. Live commentary feed
  4. Photo gallery of live games
  5. Live video streaming of games
  6. Payment mode for subscription
  7. Refer & Earn System
  8. Reward Management
  9. Dashboard analytics
  10. Other sports integration
  11. Newsfeed for activities by active users
  12. ESPN API integration for player statistics
  13. Leaderboard (Player / Team /User based on income)
  14. Coupons, Offer management, manage static HTML Pages, and blogs.
  15. Live Match Score
  16. Blockchain-Based Private Payment System
  17. GPS Location Tracking
  18. Custom Mail Reminder System
  19. Transaction History
  20. Live Score API Integration
  21. CRM Integration
  22. Push Notification
  23. Real-time Analytics, etc.

Steps that You should Follow to Create the Most Fascinating Fantasy Cricket Application and Website:

Register A Domain:

For creating a website, you have to buy a domain that attracts the users and is related to your keyword. You can check its availability at online registrars.

Design A Primary Approach For Your Fantasy Cricket Website:

To create a unique and feature-ch website, decide a primary design that works best for this project. Research something important that helps to work in a proficient and professional manner.  This technique helps to get an idea about the basic design of the website.

Choose a Reliable Partner:

Website and App development is not an easy task, it requires a lot of coding and other technical expertise. There are a few best Fantasy Sports App Development companies that could make it happen. This phase is very crucial when you have to select a trustworthy app development company.


A perfect hosting is required to support a website with high traffic and constant change in the database. It requires reliable technical support and customer services if required. You can choose the top ten web hosting sites here.


After creating a website or application, it needs to market them. You have to focus on branding that helps to create a brand image among the customers.

All the tips mentioned above will help to create a user-friendly website that attracts a lot of users. Fantasy cricket became the most popular game among sports enthusiasts, especially in India who want to play cricket online and win prizes & bonuses as well. From IPL to T20 and one-day internationals, Players get an opportunity to play online games and by winning the game they can win money. The very first such kind of fantasy cricket app, Dream11 is the most successful app in India which has become a brand new and used by millions.

There are a variety of Fantasy Cricket Platforms like:

  • Fantasy Cricket Software
  • Fantasy Cricket Website Development
  • Fantasy cricket android app development
  • Fantasy cricket iPhone app development

Hire Trustworthy Fantasy Cricket Website Development Company:

The selection of the right partner is a must for your business that could reach your business to the next level. If a company offers below services then you have to choose them as your development partner.

  • Experts in creating online betting solutions
  • A talented team of developers
  • Highly skilled and well-qualified gambling game developers
  • 24/7 tech support and seamless communication
  • Quick & rapid development
  • Use of advanced technology and features
  • Quick response to client queries
  • Cost-effective gaming solutions
  • Deliver Interactive gaming experience
  • On-time delivery
  • 100% confidentiality and security
  • On-time Delivery of Projects with guaranteed satisfaction
  • UK, USA, Canada, Australia, European & Asian Countries are our client base
  • Expertise in developing tightly integrated & interoperable systems
  • Cross-platform expertise and more.

Mobiweb Technologies is considered as a trustworthy fantasy cricket apps, fantasy cricket websites and white label fantasy cricket software development company that design websites including popular leagues like Big Bash League and IPL. Fantasy cricket app development experts have the ability to create fantasy cricket apps & software with the use of advanced features and expertise.

Final Thought:

I hope all the mentioned tips will help you to design a fantasy cricket website and application. All the right efforts towards the development process will give positive results. There are a variety of tips available in the market in which you have to choose the best one that matches your requirements. Always consider your budget aspect while developing an application and check all the technical aspects before investing money in this project.

Author Bio:

I am Arnika Gupta SEO executive at Mobiweb Technologies which is an offshore software and application development company serving the clients globally from 10+ years. Curiosity to learn new things makes me interested in content writing and encourages me to write something different.


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