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Spotting new trends is one of my favorite parts of my job. But I like it even more when several trends converge into a transformative wave. That’s exactly what’s happening in health tech right now, as the sector benefits not only from the rise of open data, but also from the democratization of data analytics and privacy-preserving synthetic data. Let’s explore. — Anna

Data for health tech builders

When I heard that synthetic healthcare data startup Syntegra would release free datasets with realistic-but-fake patient data, it caught my attention. Not because it was releasing open data, not because it was sharing synthetic data and not because it’s a health tech company — but because it was doing all of those things at once.

You wouldn’t be wrong to think open data is cool in itself. For instance, I loved hearing earlier this week about the launch of BigScience’s large language model, BLOOM, a free and open alternative to OpenAI’s GPT-3. But the expectation is that BLOOM will mostly be used by researchers. In contrast, the datasets made available by Syntegra and Tuva Health are meant for health tech startups.

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