ExpressBasics: How to use Google Pay for tap-to-pay payments

If you have an NFC-enabled phone, you can use Google Pay to make tap-to-pay payments straight from your phone. This lets you skip pulling out your credit or debit card at any card-payment outlet and can also be useful when you don’t have your cards with you.

All you need is a phone with NFC, the Google Pay app and a supported credit or debit card. In today’s edition of ExpressBasics, we’ll look at how you can get tap-to-pay set up on your Google Pay app.

How to set up tap-to-pay on Google Pay

First, open Google Pay and go to your profile icon on the top-right. In the ‘Payment methods’ section below, you will find an option to add your debit and credit cards, right next to the option where you add new bank accounts.

Click on this option and in the subsequent screen, choose add ‘credit or debit card’. Google pay will open up a camera window, using which you can simply scan your card to get the 16-digit number entered automatically. Alternatively, you can also enter your details manually. Follow up by entering other details like your valid through date and your CVV.

Once this is done, Google will verify the details with your bank and you will have to enter a 6-digit OTP sent to your registered mobile number. After entering the OTP, your card will we linked and set as your default tap to pay.

How to use tap-to-pay on Google Pay?

When you want to use Google Pay to pay at a tap-to-pay outlet, unlock your phone, turn on NFC (most phones with NFC will have a dedicated toggle in the quick settings) and tap your phone on the payment terminal or machine.

The terminal/machine will usually have an NFC icon, which you can align with your phone for easy connectivity. If everything is aligned correctly, Google Pay will automatically open up and you can confirm the amount to be paid and tap Proceed.

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