How to enable secret Music Visualiser feature, Glyph lights

The Nothing phone (1) Glyph lights are great and offer a number of features like Flip to Glyph and Charging Meter. However, there is a secret feature that’s hidden in the Glyph Interface settings that isn’t so easy to reach. This is the Music Visualisation feature, and thanks to a report by XDA Developers, we now know how to enable this hidden setting.

Here’s how to do it in a few easy steps.

Step 1: Create a contact called ‘Abra’ 

Go to the contacts app on your phone, hit the ‘+’ sign on the bottom left to create a new contact and name it ‘Abra’. Likely a nod to the magic words Abra Kadabra, this trick will apparently not work with other contact names. Once the name is entered, save the contact without entering any number of Email ID.

Step 2: Assign ‘Abra’ a ringtone

Users can go to the Glyph Interface settings now and head into the ringtones section. Click on ‘Add a contact’ and choose ‘Abra’, the contact you just created in Step 1. On the subsequent page, you will be asked to choose a ringtone for the selected contact and you can choose any of the Nothing ringtones (tennis, coded, scribble, etc).

Step 3: Find the secret option

Once you assign a ringtone to Abra, you can head back into the main Glyph Interface settings and you will see a new Music Visualisation option unlock in the section. Head into it and turn on the toggle.

Nothing OS will now use the glyph lights as a music visualiser when you play audio on the phone’s speakers now. The feature works with streaming apps like YouTube Music, as well as offline music played via apps like VLC Media Player.

You can also turn off the feature by disabling the toggle in the Glyph Interface section, but if you want to get rid of the Music Visualisation option altogether, simply delete the ‘Abra’ contact you created and it will disappear.

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