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We’re just a few days away from kicking off TC Sessions: Robotics on July 21. This online event will draw roboticists from around the world, and it’s your opportunity to learn from and connect with the people building and investing in the future of a technology that’s changing the way the world works.

If you haven’t reserved your seat at the table yet, here are five outstanding reasons why you should attend TC Sessions: Robotics.

1. It’s free

Talk about a no-brainer. Spend an entire day learning from and engaging with the robotics community’s leading scientists, makers, founders, academics and investors. You’ll come away with a clearer understanding of today’s successes, tomorrow’s trends, future opportunities and remaining challenges. That’s darned good ROI. Register here to reserve your free, all-access pass.

2. A plethora of panel discussions

Here are just a few examples of the topics on tap; peruse the event agenda to read about the rest. 

  • Join VCs as they discuss why, despite a downturn market, robotics still attracts capital in Funding the Future (Kelly Chen, DCVC; Bruce Leak, Playground Global; Helen H. Liang, FoundersX Ventures).
  • It takes bleeding-edge robotics and AI research to build the future. Learn how colleges and universities are helping to redefine robotics in Lab Work (Matthew Johnson-Roberson, Carnegie Mellon University; Daniela Rus, CSAIL, MIT).
  • Logistics and fulfillment are hot, hot, hot. Find out why in The Fulfilling World of Warehouse Robotics (Rick Faulk, Locus Robotics; Jessica Moran; Berkshire Grey; Melonee Wise, Zebra Technologies).

3. Robot demos

Who doesn’t love robot demos? No one at this conference. You’ll see live demos from UC Berkeley, Agility Robotics and others.

4. World-class networking 

An online event makes the world your networking oyster. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with people regardless of their location or yours. Our event app takes the pain out of finding the right people who share your business goals. 

Based on information you provide when you register, the app searches the attendee list and makes recommendations. You can send invites to schedule 1:1 meetings as you wish. 

We’ve added a speed networking session to the agenda, too. Add the scheduled networking break to your app. When the time comes, you’ll be randomly matched with other attendees for three-minute conversations — based on mutual interest in specific, predetermined topics. Lather, rinse, repeat and grow your network. 

5. The Nob6 Robotics Pitch-off

Tune in as the industry’s brightest entrepreneurs take the stage, in front of a live audience, and pitch to a panel consisting of these industry experts: Ayah Bdeir (LittleBits, acquired by Sphero; Kelly Chen, DCVC; Ayanna Howard, Ohio State University).

TC Sessions: Robotics is a free online event, happening July 21. You can catch all of the sessions and join the robotics community online for speed networking, chats and one-on-one meetings. Simply register here for free.

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