Smart IoT devices using DIY electronic parts and sensors

Smart IoT devices using DIY electronic parts and sensors

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It is funny when you remember visual images of empty supermarket shelves and people scampering around the supermarkets for toilet papers and personal protective equipment (PPE) only for us to see major news headlines of shortage of electronic parts and components. How is this even possible that big well organized running multibillion dollars businesses to fall victim to shortages forcing them to close assembly lines due to semiconductors worth $2-15 US. These were prices we came up with when we did a quick comparison on, an electronics components and parts search engine used widely by OEMs, CEM, hobbyists,s, and professional engineers alike. It is ridiculous to say the list.

Anyway, this why I realized that this article might be best written today to show you why industries like the automotive including Ford, Nissan, etc are being forced to shut down and furlough workers whilst waiting for semiconductor chip manufacturers to ramp up production and meet the demand caused by the gaps generated when they forced these OEM to reassign priorities to industries in the tech industry.

Augmented workplace technology: Advantages of Remote Working using IIoT Technology

  1. Collaboration is enhanced

According to Carol, COO of, a baby and mothers focussed products development organization, the technology used in 2021 has improved dramatically, with the better connection between teams and individual staff having better control over the work environments. She gave us a case example of her product development teams being able to connect and work as if they are in the same room and design submissions have been streamlined to such an extent that you would not tell there is geographical separation when products are sent back for prototyping.

In addition to that, her Human Resource department has now got the chance to try various onboarding programs including training that is consistent for each employee making it easier for new staff joining the company as everything has now been stripped to what is necessary which helps new starters connect better and gain the knowledge, they need without feeling left behind.

  1. Increased Security for Workplace Station

Because we are all working online, systems can and have been scaled up to accommodate every business needs. Like the normal work environment, different people had different access privileges, and using secure apps developed for remote working, we can enable and disable security policies using the cloud. For example, if you need a more powerful computer to render your drawings you can gain access to powerful remote desktops and run resource-hungry software like adobe, AutoCAD, without upgrading your personal computer at home.

Because you can work remotely, you are sure that the apps you use to connect will not be compromised and if anything happens to your home computer, you can still access your work and even get remote unlock if the system was compromised.

  1. Remote Work

If your computer has ever failed you and needed a computer engineer to troubleshoot it, you might have used programs like AnyDesk, TeamViewer, Remote desktop, etc. These are part of the programs used for remote access of another PC as if you were sat in front of it. Joe, IT officer said, that since most employees are going to be allowed to continue working from home even post-Covid-19 technology and IoT will be vital for employees to perform their task without the need of them being physically present in an office. You could be in Japan and still work normally as if you are in the UK, maybe if the time difference were not that much.

Sectors in various verticals have been trying this and are offering some much-needed flexibility and freedom.


Industrial IoT has helped change the workplace environment for good and these benefits have become vital in our everyday life and that includes our home office.

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