Sri Lankan Cricketer Chamika Karunaratne Thanks India For Support During Crippling Economic Political Crisis

New Delhi: Amid the ongoing economic and political crisis, Sri Lankan cricketer Chamika Karunaratne praised India for all its support and said that he would like to thank the country because of which things “are getting better and better”, ANI reported on Saturday.

While speaking to ANI the cricketer said, “India is like a brother country to us. They are helping us a lot. I would like to thank them. We know we are having a big problem and India always supports us. We have a rich history with India. We know that we are struggling, but thanks to India for everything and we will keep getting better and better”.

Due to the economic crisis and soaring inflation, there is a shortage of essentials in the country including fuel. Karunaratne told ANI, that it is difficult to even go for practices while there is a Club Cricket Season going on. He said that for 2 days he had been in the queue for fuel which cost Rs 10,000 but would only last him two or three days.

“We’ve to go for practices in Colombo and other different places with the club cricket season going on but I’ve been standing in queue for fuel for the past 2 days. I got it filled for Rs 10,000 which will last 2-3 days”, he was quoted by ANI.

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The oil supply shortage has forced schools and government offices to close until further notice.

When asked whether the current government will be able to solve the current state of affairs he said it was hard to say as things are very difficult right now, but if the right person comes something good will happen, and the people of the country would have to choose the right person. 

Sri Lanka is also scheduled to host the Asia Cup 2022 cricket tournament, but the crisis has raised questions if the event will still be held there. 

The island nation’s multiple crises have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic which saw the collapse of the crucial tourism industry, which provides foreign currency for imported fuel and medical supplies, and rocked by the supply chain crisis precipitated by the Ukraine war.

The economic crisis led to political unrest and protests in the country. The turmoil forced President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to resign and flee Sri Lanka to Singapore

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was sworn in as president on a temporary basis on Friday. Sri Lankan parliamentarians are due to begin the process of selecting a new president on Saturday, before taking a formal vote on July 20. 

According to ANI, India has extended support of over USD 3.8 billion this year alone for ameliorating the serious economic situation in the island nation as a mark of its Neighbourhood First policy. 

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