UK Issues First-Ever Extreme Heatwave Alert Amid Record-Breaking Temperatures

The Met Office of the United Kingdom (UK), the country’s primary meteorological office, issued a red warning for excessive heat on Friday, the highest degree of alert, covering areas of England next Monday and Tuesday, news agency IANS reported.

The notice, issued for the first time, is an upgrade from an amber warning that was in effect until the end of Tuesday, according to Xinhua news agency, citing the meteorological service.

“Exceptional, perhaps record-breaking, temperatures are likely on Monday, then again on Tuesday,” it was quoted by IANS in its report. 

“Nights are also likely to be exceptionally warm for the UK, especially in urban areas. This is likely to lead to widespread impacts on people and infrastructure,” Met office was quoted by Reuters in its report.

The maximum temperature ever recorded in the United Kingdom was 38.7 degrees Celsius in July 2019 at Cambridge Botanic Garden.

The Met office said it expects “population-wide adverse health effects, not limited to those most vulnerable to extreme heat, leading to serious illness or danger to life.”

The UK Health Security Agency and the Met Office issued a level 3 heat-health notice for several regions of the nation earlier this week, requiring social and healthcare agencies to take extra precautions to safeguard the vulnerable, Reuters reported.

The Met Office website defines the red, level 4 warning as being achieved “when a heatwave is severe and/or persistent to the point when its impacts transcend beyond the health and social care system At this level, disease and death can occur among fit and healthy people as well as high-risk populations.”

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