Here is how you can earn money through Facebook

Creative ways to earn money from Instagram & Facebook

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In this modern era, Instagram and Facebook have become the main sources of reaching the target audience. With around 2.7 billion Facebook users and 1.1 billion Instagram users, both of the platforms are the best picks when it comes to capturing a colossal amount of target audience with the least amount of effort.

From being a photo-sharing application to evolving into a powerful and potent marketing platform Facebook and Instagram have come a long way. According to Instagram, 60% of the population uses this application use it to find and discover new products.

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200 million accounts check a business account on a daily basis and 80% of the users follow at least 3 brands. The numbers are massive when it comes to digital marketing. You can find every kind of product and service on Instagram.

Using the various link-type advertisement programs and selling your post via fan pages, making advertisements and specific pages to sell your product or endorse a brand can help you to make good money.

The more aggressively the posts are uploaded the more traffic is generated on Facebook. The efforts are to the minimum and everything can be done with just one computer.

To understand the idea more vividly, let us dive into a more detailed discussion,

Here are 5 best ways to make money through Instagram

best ways to make money through Instagram

1} Sell physical and/or digital products

With the evolution of the application, it has become a gold mine for e-commerce businesses. To have a large consumer market in one place is a blessing for anyone trying to sell products.

The process is extremely simple as you have to just create a business page that becomes a little customizable and then upload the details of your products and services on the page, using a few hashtags is also important.

Instagram, with the growing epidemic, has given a feature of in-app check out that helps in ordering the products from the app rather than following a long process.

Using websites like Square Online is also a good way as it takes your uploads and converts them into a full-fledged website.

2} Become a Brand Ambassador

This is the process of endorsing the products of any specific company on a contractual basis, this has to be done regularly or every other day to keep the audience that follows you in light of the features and updates of the product you are endorsing.

The influencer market is the niche of Instagram so, finding such a Brand Ambassador contract is kind of easy as compared to other ways. This has a snowball effect as, the more products you endorse, the more other (mostly smaller) brands approach you and this makes your market wider and helps you to make more money and followers.

3} Post Sponsored Ads and Content

Influencers are the safe haven for the people who want to buy products online, with a more ‘common people’ persona influencers are able to convince the crowd more if compared to the brand ads. With the rise in this trend, there are numerous brands looking for people with a good hold on the platform to endorse their products.

Unlike becoming a Brand Ambassador and having a contract for the long term, this is a short-term transaction that involves around four to five uploads and you will get paid to do the same.

4} Promote Affiliate Links

By uploading the link of the affiliate company in your bio it helps to bring in a lot of money. The links can be obtained by joining different affiliate networks like CLICKBANK, IMPACT, SHARE WIN, etc., or if you have a specific company in mind the type ‘COMPANY + affiliate programs’ to get the link in spite of the number of following you have.

You can promote the products available on the affiliate link on your page to lure the consumer and persuade them to buy the product. With a catchy caption and eye-catching posts, it is very easy to sell the products and gain commission on the sales made by your link.

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5} Freelancing

If you have any talent that associates with any kind of product or service then it is easy for you to make money via freelancing and doing short-term jobs for a good number of companies and brands.

After hitting the 1 billion milestones, it has become very easy to find jobs that suit your skills and abilities. The creative field has a stronghold on the platform and you can take on jobs like Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Copywriter, Content Writer, Model, etc.

It is a vast network of a regularly engaged audience and they use Instagram like clockwork, so you can find a job through a follower who knows someone, who in turn knows some, you get the point. Hence, it becomes easy to make money and find jobs.

Here is how you can earn money through Facebook

Here is how you can earn money through Facebook

1} Sell Services

You can advertise yourself and what you have to offer via uploading a post and tagging several pages that help users to find employment and hence, get a good job. This can be done for simple blue-collar jobs like babysitting, petting dogs, cleaning houses, etc.

This process can be, if used properly, become a guide to find better jobs like content writing, graphic designing, and video editing, etc. the only thing you need to keep in mind is the margin you gain after providing your services and putting in the time and energy for doing the same. It should be worth your effort or you are just doing the heavy work for nothing.

2} Affiliate Marketing

This is done by getting an affiliate partnership with any brand or a company that will provide you with a link. The link is used to sell products that the company has to offer and sell them to make money. After the sale is made, the amount of sales made through your link is considered and the company pays you commission for bringing in customers.

These affiliate link posts are generally associated with a good deal or discount to attract more customers, and most importantly the post you upload with the link plays a vital role in how the customer reacts, and a good post makes the chances higher for the consumer to click on the link.

3} Create good Facebook Pages

The platform’s algorithm is based on the number of followers and the amount of engagement you have. If your account is well put together and has the potential to attract followers then it can also become a source of income.

If the number of following is high then it means you have a good market in your hand, this market if compliments the products any company wants to sell then they approach you to endorse their products and pay you to do the same.

The other option of having a page of high engagement is that you can sell the whole page to a bigger company that is ready to pay a decent price for it.

4} Sell Likes and Comments

This is the most unique, retro, and easy way to earn money. By creating a big network of people who like and comment on posts as directed by the network owner. There are people who desperately want to gain followers and get famous, this is where the profile boosters come in.

They charge a fixed amount for different quantities of likes and comments. There are various shortcomings of the method for big brands as the fame is fake and the engagement is temporary but you as alike and comment seller can fulfill your goal of making money by finding the right audience.

The Conclusion

There are a number of creative ways to earn money from Instagram and Facebook, the important thing is to know which method to use to persuade the source of income. From selling tangible products and different services to selling likes and comments, both the platforms work effortlessly to help you gain monetary values by creating engagement and endorsing products and services for the engaged audience.

Millennials have a different approach towards the platforms, therefore, you need to study the dos and don’ts and have extensive knowledge on the trends and approaches that clicks with the engaged audience.

This is where the phrase ‘smart work is better than hard work’ regains its meaning. So work smart and become wealthy in both monetary and intellectual ways.


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