Here’s How to Get Free Stuff On Twitch In ‘Call Of Duty’ : Modern Warfare

Twitch is one of the best places to get it if you want free loot. With the Twitch Prime system, you get all kinds of stuff and some of it is even useful, sometimes. But Twitch Prime isn’t the only place to get loot, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare just announced a new program through Twitch streams to hand out some free loot.

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Here’s how it actually does work: First, you need a Twitch account and a Call of Duty account. Then, go over here to connect your accounts. You may need to re-link even though you’ve previously linked, as mentioned in a blog post here.

You must then watch Call of Duty streams with drops allowed. There’s no randomness to it: you get points for how long you ‘re recording, up to 3 hours. Here’s what you have got:

  • 1 Hour of Watching- calling card ‘Swing into Practice’
  • 2 Hour of Watching – the emblem of ‘Skull Trooper’
  • 3 Hour of watching – ‘Crimson Standard’

call-of-duty-pngCall of Duty follows a similar trend that we have seen recently from a number of locations, most notably Riot. Riot has tied access to its new competitive shooter Valorant to watch streams on Twitch, sending numbers through the roof as it debuted in closed beta. It could possibly have a similar effect but on that scale nothing like. Users also use Twitch views as a kind of loose interaction measure, and everything a business can do to get those numbers up helps boost a game’s image.


Drops are currently available in Modern Warfare from now until August 6, so you have some time to either watch some streams or leave your device idling while streams play, which one you don’t care about, either Activision or Twitch particularly.

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