World’s Best Mobile App Development Companies & Developers

Searching for the best mobile app development companies in the World? Find a hand-picked list of top 10+ web development companies in the world.

List of top 10 Mobile App Development Companies

For many companies, creating mobile apps is the latest trend. With many mobile app development companies growing, it’s difficult to find the world’s best mobile app developers. The guide will help you by providing all the information you need to understand how to determine which of these are the world’s top mobile app development companies. You can go through this list and find out just for your business the world’s best qualified mobile app development service.

1. Phelix Info Solution

phelix-info-solutionPhelix Info Solution listing in one of the highest growing Mobile App Development Companies they have highly expired in mobile app development and mobile app design. They deliver a premium product at Phelix Info Solution that can help customers increase these sales and expand the business quickly. They are experienced in the creation of mobile applications, web design, custom production, and web promotion. Since 2010, more than 3500 + projects have been active.

CEO: Phelix Ram Company Email:
Hourly Rate: 25$ Website:
Employes: 10-50  Phone No: +91-9887198778
Founded: 2010 Address: India, USA, Kuwait
Minimum Project Size: $2000

2. Codiant Software Technologies

Codiant logoCodiant is “a revolution, a reliable partner, responsible service provider, loyal friend, and your inspiration” that has donned a big feather for world-class Mobile App and Web App Development, UI/UX Development, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, and Application Maintenance Services across various platforms.

With a strong global presence in the USA, UK, Australia, and India, Codiant is hailed as the most sought after company in the mobile app development space that pillars the disruptive ideas of startups, SMEs and large organizations with our skilled team.

CEO: Mr. Vikrant Jain Company Email:
Hourly Rate: 11-25$ Website:
Employes: 100-299  Phone No: +1-309-278-0633
Founded: 2010 Address: United States, United Kingdom
Minimum Project Size: $10000

3. SynergyTop LLC

SynergyTopSynergyTop offers Custom Software Development services to provide simple and high-performing solutions to our clients’ business problems. We leverage our highly-skilled team and the latest technology and tools to build exceptional digital solutions for the enterprise.

We design and develop next-gen technology solutions across a range of industry verticals. Our talented team has successfully delivered high-impact digital transformations over the years, with optimum efficiency and agility.

CEO: Jayesh Totla Company Email:
Hourly Rate: 10$ Website:
Employes: 50-99  Phone No: 877-807-8220
Founded: 2014 Address: India, USA
Minimum Project Size: $1000

4. Ionixx Technologies

ionixx-logoEver since its inception in 2013, Ionixx has been approaching and solving complex business challenges with custom software solutions. With a global presence spanning four geographical locations (USA, India, Canada, and Singapore), we are a team of designers, blockchain specialists, developers and quality assurance engineers who thrive on challenges to build and design solutions, thereby accelerating digital ideas through end-to-end technology services.

Working confidently across diverse industries, our technologists answer business needs with engaging experiences in health tech, fintech, logistics, telecom and beyond.

CEO: Alex Company Email:
Hourly Rate: 100-149$ Website:
Employes: 100-299  Phone No: 7397385403
Founded: 2013 Address: India, USA
Minimum Project Size: $25000

5. Uran Company


Uran Company team consists of US, German, and Ukrainian IT professionals, with over 10 years of experience in software engineering, operations, and business analysis. Full range of software development services for manufacturing enterprises, banking, small and medium businesses.

Development of web applications of any level and complexity. Mobile applications and services development, complex mobile solutions.

CEO: Sergii Kulieshov Company Email:
Hourly Rate: 200$ and Above Website:
Employes: 20-50  Phone No: +359 (87) 726-71-17
Founded: 2006 Address: Bulgaria
Minimum Project Size: $50000

6. Next Big Technology

Next Big Technology

Next Big Technology (NBT) is a premium Web & App Development firm established in 2009. NBT always uses the latest technologies for Website & Mobile App development.

As a Web and Mobile Application Development Company, Next Big Technology knows how to build websites and apps that utilize proper design and programming to build products that will scale. NBT is based in India, USA, UK, AUS with a team of 40+ professionals with various skill sets.

Next Big Technology provide all types of Web & Mobile App Development Services which cover all kinds of Website and Mobile App requirements for different industries Worldwide. Next Big Technology have extensive experience working with different clients and industries from all parts of the World.

CEO: Amit Shukla Company Email:
Hourly Rate: 25$-50$ Website:
Employes: 25-50 Phone No: +3054826524
Founded: 2009 Address: United Stats, India
Minimum Project Size: $1000

7. Cygnis Media

Cygnis Media

Cygnis Media is a team of product designers, engineers and data scientists with a diverse skill set and vast experience across several industries. After 9 years of experience and a team of 50+ people, we stand more convinced than ever in our core values.

They have led us to 150+ successful projects with 75+ clients, nearly all of whom have returned to us, either for a second project, or to recommend us elsewhere. Earning their trust is the achievement we are most proud of. As we look to the future, we are more excited than ever before, as amazing new technologies continue to gain momentum.

CEO: Arsalan Akhtar
Company Email:
Hourly Rate: 11$-25$ Website:
Employes: 50-99 Phone No: 19252926668
Founded: 2010 Address: United Stats
Minimum Project Size: $10000

8. AppClues Infotech


AppClues Infotech was established on the idea of creating a mobile application development company in New York that provides top-class mobile applications that capture the imagination of the user through their simple, elegant design and robust features.

A global firm established across 3 countries we have worked for clients all across the globe providing custom mobile app development services. AppClues Infotech have developed mobile applications in diverse fields of businesses like healthcare, on-demand services, GPS based apps, etc. At AppClues they believe in conquering the mobile application development world and thus strive hard to create amazing mobile applications. AppClues Infotech mold the idea of the client into a feature-rich, a simple and elegant mobile application that can reach its full potential.

CEO: Ayush Kanodia Company Email:
Hourly Rate: 11-25$ Website:
Employes: 100-299 Phone No: 9783099910
Founded: 2014 Address: United States
Minimum Project Size: $5000

9. Titan Technology Corporation

Titan Technology Corporation

Titan Technology Corporation is a software outsourcing services company that delivers leading solutions for global clients in a variety of domains and industries. With comprehensive knowledge and experience of software development, combined with offshore cost benefits, we are able to deliver high-quality development services thereby minimizing costs and maximizing benefits for our valuable clients.

Besides software outsourcing services, Titan also incubates new ideas by providing facilities for product development and an environment where creativity leverages our skills and services.

CEO: Nguyen Tan Thanh
Company Email:
Hourly Rate: 11$-25$ Website:
Employes: 100-299 Phone No: -84903056608
Founded: 2013 Address: United Stats, Vietnam
Minimum Project Size: Undisclosed

10. Flux Tech

flux tech

Flux Tech a software company that helps startups, enterprises, and non-profits build web products. Flux Tech focus solely on web technologies. Flux Tech build APIs, web applications, and progressive web apps.

As a small software company, one of Flux Tech’s strengths comes from there ability to work very closely with our clients. Flux Tech understands the value of communication and works hard to accentuate that strength.

CEO: Jonathan Emig Company Email:
Hourly Rate: $26-99/hr Website:
Employes: 1-9  Phone No:
Founded: 2016 Address: United States
Minimum Project Size: $10000

Tips for Choose the Great Mobile App Development Company

Among the various platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc in the market the mobile users choose the Best App among the plethora of Apps for a particular task and in a market where a sea of apps is present for a particular task, there are some key features required in an App to stand out in the crowd. Here are those most sought after points:

1. Desktop Experience and Field Expertise

The more the number of clients a company would deal with; the more it would become expert with their needs. We need to understand that we actually need a company that is good at desktop work and best with the client’s wishes. Desktop experience counts the no of projects that the company has successfully completed.

2. Infrastructure

Among the so many platforms present in the market that we discussed above, we need to understand that we pick any two most popular platforms and the company that can work on that platform in the best possible manner. “The Best platform and the Best company that works perfectly on it is the best combination.”

3. Good Supports

After-sales services are as important as the activeness of the Company when it ties with its client. Thus going into the after-sale services of the company as well. Even if there is no 24×7 support, but still a through support that generates the report about the cause of the problem along with the proper solution is very important.

4. Payment Method

The terms and conditions presented by the company should be clear and divided properly. This kind of proper layout of the charges gives a crystal clear reputation of the company. Useless hidden charges and overpriced services hamper the reputation of the company.

5. Developer Skill

Its the team and each member at the same time who should concern you the most. This combination would give you the desired outcome. Thus go through the portfolio of each and every member before shortlisting the companies. An experienced person with the background of both field and desk should head the team.

6. Portfolios

This is the best tool to go through the modus operandi of the company. The portfolio is the mirror image of the company that cannot misguide. A well-laid and elaborate portfolio is the sign of trust that you could count on the company.


If a company shows testimonials of its clients then it’s a positive point. The testimonial featuring is a bold step of any company and only those companies that have confidence in their work show testimonials. The testimonials also include the e-mails of the client, thus they can be contacted for personal guidance.

8. Analysis Report

The good Mobile App Development Companies would generate an Analysis Report that assesses the pros and cons of the project on which it is going to start its work. These kinds of steps that include Analysis Report help the client to assess the outcome of the forthcoming project that is very important for the success of the endeavor that you are going to present to the world.

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