Ghost Blog Writing: Know About Blog Ghostwriters For Hire

Blogging is important to your company’s success. Creating lengthier, more in-depth blog entries on a more regular basis is critical for your business, which is why more companies are turning to ghostwriters for hire. Still don’t believe us? Quoracreative’s blogging statistics back up our claim:

Why Hire A Blog Ghostwriter?

The data below support why you should hire a ghostwriter for blog content:

  • Long-form blog content generates ten times the number of leads as shorter content.
  • The typical length of a blog article is 1,150 words, while material aimed at popular keywords should be between 2,200 and 2,500 words long.
  • Companies that produced 16 or more blog articles per month received 3.5 times the amount of traffic and 4.5 times the amount of leads as those who wrote four or fewer blog posts per month.
  • You would receive a 300 percent return if you increased the frequency with which you blog by 100 percent.
    Isn’t it a fascinating set of numbers?

The time it takes to compose a single blog article is not interesting for many time-crunched professionals. According to statistics, it takes an average blogger three hours and 30 minutes to produce a blog article. You’re not alone if you don’t have that type of time, which is why ghostwriters for hire exist.

What Do Hired Ghostwriters Do?

Ghostwriters, on the other hand, tell tales. Ghost blog writers are actual people that can effortlessly adapt your brand’s style and voice and produce compelling material that appeals to your target demographic and establishes you as an industry leader. Why are these authors referred to as “ghosts”? The answer isn’t as frightening as you would think.

Ghostwriters for blogs are compensated to write on behalf of another person or company. In exchange for remuneration, the writer agrees not to claim authorship. Rather, it is the individual who commissions the piece who is responsible for it.

In the past, ghostwriters for hire collaborated with authors to write books. The “ghosts” have broken into the digital arena, leaving their traces across websites, online news outlets, social media, e-books, and other online assets as a result of the rising demand for excellent online material. Ghostwritten blogs have become critical components of many businesses’, influencers’, and organizations’ content marketing strategies.

Wait, aren’t blog ghostwriters basically freelance writers?

Not at all. Despite the fact that some freelance writers are comfortable ghostwriting blog entries, the majority of them desire or expect to have their own bylines. In fact, some freelancers are so well-known that companies and newspapers engage them to write guest blogs. On the other hand, ghostwriters never expect a byline.

Why Would You Hire a Ghost Writer for a Blog?

Why would you employ a ghostwriter to take over such a crucial responsibility as blogging when you know your business and your customers better than anyone else? There are several reasons for this, some of which are more common than others:

  • You don’t have enough time to compose detailed, insightful blog content.
  • You aren’t particularly gifted at writing.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed by the content development process.
  • With well-written and highly engaging content, you want to boost your brand’s story.

None of these factors is a reflection of your ability to run a business. They are, in reality, the polar opposite. You don’t have time to write or learn how to produce converting blog articles because you’re too preoccupied with planning your next big project, training workers, cultivating client connections, and other crucial company activities. You go.

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