Best Tech Blogs and Websites You Must Follow 2020

Is your browsing history teeming with technology-related sites? Are you looking for the best tech blogs worldwide to follow on the Internet? Are you concerned about yourself as a tech enthusiast?

There are so many best tech bloggers or tech creatives who are respected nationally and have expertise in their field.

I have addressed the top 10+ best tech blogs and websites here, which are constantly updated with fresh content and ready to serve you the latest tech news worldwide.

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The latest research has shown that blogs are read by 77% of Internet users. In order to draw and engage more viewers, blogs have enormous strength. As the study indicates, based on the information in the blog, 84% of people purchased goods. Per day, 1/3 out of 25 35-year-olds read 2 to 5 blogs.

Top 10+ Technology Blogs and Websites

Best Tech Blogs and Websites You Must Follow

Here is a list of the Best Tech Blogs and websites for technology that understand the role of words. Visitors should be well aware of modern gadgets, developments, and inventions by publishing insightful and engaging content from emerging technologies.

1. Phelix Info Blog


Phelix Info Solution listing in one of the highest growing Mobile App Development Companies they have highly expired in mobile app development and mobile app design. They deliver a premium product at Phelix Info Solution that can help customers increase these sales and expand the business quickly. They are experienced in the creation of mobile applications, web design, custom production, and web promotion. Since 2010, more than 3500 + projects have been active.

2. Technosharad


Technosharad is one of the best blog creators across the world catering to the niche of technology and blogging. Technosharad is the original home for the latest update and viral content having an intersection in the niche of technology, earn money online, and many more. Technosharad is building the next generation of tech media companies based on delivering valuable content in a manner that encourages the efficiency of readers rather than page views and on-site time. Techno Sharad aggregates technical groups dedicated to particular topics of interest, such as affiliate marketing, Web Site Designing, blogging, and utilizing this modern and powerful form of content.

From the ground up, Technosharad in-house marketing specialists have revamped high-quality content blogs to Technosharad’s dedicated audience. Technosharad offers better outcomes at an unrivaled value in partnership with our team of top-vetted freelancers from around the globe.

Because of Technosharad’s quick growth and developments, Technosharad is humbly considered thought leaders by many in our room. You will still find Techno Sharad leading the way, regardless of market dynamics or emerging trends, to help our audience achieve sustainable business advantage and remain ahead of the curve where they will have all the latest updates and knowledge coping up with the latest trend in the market.

3. The Verge

The-Verge-top technology blog

The Verge is a Vox Media-operated American technology news website that publishes news, feature stories, guidebooks, product reviews, and podcasts.

For those who want to learn about mainstream tech and its future effect on the environment, The Verge is an outstanding blog. In addition to cybersecurity, artificial intelligence ( AI), and other technologies that change the way we communicate with each other, this blog covers a wide variety of consumer technology topics.

4. Your Story


Shradha Sharma is the founder and CEO of YourStory, a start-up, and entrepreneurial digital-media platform. Shradha served as an assistant vice president at CNBC TV18 and also as a brand consultant at The Times of India before starting YourStory in 2008.

Shradha’s YourStory is the country’s leading Internet Start-up media house. Having 10 million monthly hits, YourStory is the ideal place on the Internet to discover how the great leader was made.

With success stories, market guidelines, and entrepreneurs, YourStory mainly writes about the Indian start-up ecosystem.

5. HellBound Bloggers


With articles on blogging and effective content marketing, HellBoundBloggers is regularly updated. Finding tips, resources, and strategies to strengthen content marketing, blogging skills, and corporate storytelling is a great resource.

Pradeep Kumar, HBB ‘s creator, is also one of India’s top bloggers who strives to create a brand for himself.

6. ReCode


Currently owned by VOX media, Recode offers the most updated coverage, analytical trends, and reviews of independent technology from the most respected and knowledgeable journalists as well as media and technology bloggers.

By concentrating on Silicon Valley firms, Recode is uncovering and describing how our tech landscape is shifting. Kara Swisher, its founder, has all the links to the latest tech tips and products, making it a detailed technology blog to read!

7. Gizmodo


Gizmodo is the best online tech portal to keep track of all the latest gadget coverage. Here, you can read guides and watch tutorials that illustrate more about the market’s new gadgets. In addition, this technology blog still provides the latest updates on creative technology.

For its followers, the famous tech blog and news site keep their fingers on the world of updates. Worth noting is that Gizmodo holds a progressive edge, like most technology sites. Anyone and everyone are therefore welcome to pay a visit to this place!

8. ITHubs


ITHubs is a comprehensive site for research and analysis that allows product and service seekers to look for the best product or business. It also helps to increase user acquisition figures, market share, and brand recognition of these manufacturers and software vendors at the same time. As the name suggests, ITHubs is a dedicated community of’ working’ and software solutions for IT businesses.

You read the best tech blogs post at Nob6 Blog.

ITHubs have developed a system by conducting comprehensive research into these agencies that make it easier for you, prospective customers, to pick and choose which agency best suits your business objectives.

9. ReadWrite


In 2003, Richard MacManus founded this website as ReadWriteWeb and grew his blog into an international team of journalists about the changing Internet.

ReadWriteWeb is building the next generation of tech media companies based on delivering valuable content in a manner that encourages the productivity of readers rather than page views and on-site time. ReadWrite aggregates technical groups dedicated to particular topics of interest, such as connected vehicles, smart homes, AR / VR, fintech, and APIs, utilizing this modern and powerful form of content.

10. LifeWire


Lifewire is a platform with information and guidance on technology. In 2017, it was a top 10 technology information platform, hitting 6 million unique US users monthly per month. The owner of the website is Dotdash, which was originally, which launched Lifewire as one of its vertical spin-off sites in 2016.

For more than 10 million users like you every month, Lifewire provides expert-created, real-world technology content. Lifewire has over 50 technology experts, all creating articles with insightful visuals and simple instruction: software developers, educators, web designers, speakers, consultants, and more.

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