How to Decorate Your Halls with Christmas Lights

The holiday season has finally arrived and it’s now time to unleash your Christmas decorations and set up your Christmas tree. Much focus has largely gone towards decorating the Christmas tree but not a lot of thought goes towards decking the halls.

So whether your home is grand or smaller, you should consider putting Christmas decorations in as many places as you possibly can.

Getting the Right Christmas Lights Setup

How to Decorate Your Halls with Christmas Lights
How to Decorate Your Halls with Christmas Lights

Apart from giving out Christmas gifts and setting up the Christmas tree, one valued holiday tradition is picking and setting up the Christmas lights. Some people prefer going all the way and decking the entire house, both inside and outside with various lights, whereas others prefer something understated, but which still has the Christmas mood. Whichever choice you go with, it’s important to note that your home’s usual lighting can still play a big part in your overall Christmas lighting.

Incorporate your home’s lighting with the Christmas tree lights you have picked up, and ensure the brightness levels don’t affect your overall setup. Since you will be adding warmer lights, you can opt to change the bulbs in your home’s lights to feature more warm lighting. However, to avoid the heat generated by incandescent lights, you can try soft white LEDs and colorful Christmas lighting. This ensemble will look great on your halls since you will have achieved the theme you were looking for, plus the decorations will really come alive.

Try Some DIY Decorations

DIY is the new talk in town, and you could liven up your room and add the Christmas spirit by making some decorations from scratch. The easiest ones to make are bottle lights, and you can revamp your favorite wine or whisky bottle and string up some LED lights inside to make it work. To make it even more fun, you can make the lights as a family, with each person choosing a bottle they like and a string of lights that work best for them.

Add Some Fireworks

Fireworks or crackers are a great addition to your holiday celebrations. The burst of sounds and lights have come a long way and now you can add some drone displays as well. The idea is to make your Christmas celebrations something to enjoy and behold rather than to annoy your neighbors, so make sure you get the right permissions from authorities and neighbors first before you deploy some crackers.

However, if you plan on doing it small, you can have everyone in your backyard and enjoy some grill as you fire up crackers.

Overall, the goal of making Christmas decorations is to liven up your home and spread Christmas cheer. If you have extra decorations or an extra tree, you can give it to your lonely neighbor and ask them over for dinner and to help with decorations. You can even help them with their setup, and this will not only make you feel better but go a long way in spreading the cheer.

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