Why the Wired Keyboards are Better than Wireless Keyboards?

Everyone knows in the present time. Technology improved keyboard upgraded from wired to wireless. In 19 century everyone uses the wired keyboard but no one knows about wireless technology.

The wireless technology has loopholes. Which can bring problems for you?

New Technology Comes with new problems.

2 Problems you face if you have a wireless keyboard.

  • The problem is security.
  • Problem with the cost.

There are two major problems you will face if you have the wireless keyboard.

Problem in security

When we use the wired keyboard that is totally offline, we didn’t need to connect to any internet network (or) Local network. But when we start connecting online. The risk started increasing. You may think about what risk we face? The answer is, “Letting your PC Hacked.”

Did you hear about a hacker in the news? They hacked the companies. You may think why hackers hack your PC?

The answer is simple they want your data. An average person PC contains a lot of data which hacker wants. Like your bank account details, your social media profile, and more.

Even a hacker can hack your PC remotely. He didn’t need to stay near you. I recommend you all to use wired keyboards well entering sensitive data.

The CEO of Facebook also takes care while he is browsing the internet.

Mark Zuckerberg Taped his laptop webcam.

Problem with the Cost.

The second big problem is cost. The wireless keyboards cost more as compared to wired keyboards. Everyone can’t afford that. The cost of buying does not matter. The real matter is the cost of repairing.

Suppose your wired-keyboard has any problem. You can repair that with little cost. But, a wireless keyboard costs much more than a wired one.

This problem can be fixed in the future. Because as technology improving. So, the cost will become much cheaper.

Why Gamers use wired keyboards

The main reason is DPI(Dots per inch). In simple words, “accuracy” the professional gamers need to care there every millisecond because that single second is a big game-changer.

Gamer often buys ether a very costly wireless or standard priced wired keyboard. If you have a low budget, I suggest you Logitech M235 Mouse & Keyboard Combo. It is best for home use. You can use them for small games. But, not suitable for professional gaming.

2 Types of Wireless Keyboard Connections

  • Connection with Dongle.
  • Connection with Bluetooth.

Dongle Connection

The dongle is a small USB chip you need to connect that in your PC, Laptop. The dongle uses its internal wifi to connect a wireless keyboard. Without the dongle, you cannot be able to use your keyboard. And you can’t use other keyboards dongle to connect your keyboard.

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Bluetooth Connection

Nowadays. companies manufacturing Bluetooth keyboards. Because the Bluetooth will give you better performance than a dongle keyboard, you can connect the Bluetooth keyboards with your mobile phone, Tablet, Laptop.

Final words

Thank you for reading this article. Everyone wants to keep their privacy hidden. So, I suggest you use wired devices while entering sensitive data. If you have any questions, doubts are related to this article. You can ask them in the comments or contact me on twitter.

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