How to Get Traffic for Your Website Very Fast with Proven Methods?

How to Get Traffic for Your Website: Holding your site high on the internet or even getting traffic is a full-time task. You must have an attack strategy, just as with every objective.

Without a strategy, you should not expect your site to get traffic or rank high in the search engines.

In the Alexa ranking, I have had sites go from well over a million, down to just under 300k in a matter of 3-6 months.

How to Get Traffic for Your Website very Fast with Proven Methods

How to Get Traffic for Your Website very Fast?

First know why you want to get traffic for your website. What you are presenting on the internet? Are you selling a product, service or do you just want to share your thoughts?

You have to know what your site is presenting to the public before you can tell the public about it and have a positive effect.

seoThink about this, how can you sell a car without knowing the features? Do you think you will be able to sell it for the price you want and when you want, or are you going to just get the best offer that comes along whenever that maybe?

You have to maintain control as a seller. For your site to rank high and traffic to increase, you have to “sell” your site on the internet by telling the world what you are selling and what the features are. Here are some helpful tips.

Use 3-4 SEO Keywords for every post, page, category on your site. Use Google’s Keyword Search Tool to help find the best keywords. Look for keywords that are of medium quality.

Use Social Networking This is just as good if not better than Word of Mouth. Use your close relationships to spread your thoughts, products, services, etc. Sign up to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google+, etc., and link them all so that when you post an article on your blog site, the article is pushed to all your social media accounts. Once your friends Like it, Re-Tweet it, or +1 it, your article is then pushed to their friends and the process continues.

Blogging consistently is the best thing you can do for free. If you are already using relevant keywords and you have your social media accounts linked to receive posts, all you need to do is set a schedule to post once a day, 3 times a week, or at least once a month!

The more frequent the better, but do not wear yourself thin. You still want to make sure you post quality content, not junk that is going to be ignored. You want to engage the audience and keep them looking out for the next blog post! Also, if people like what you post, they will tell their social network!

Website Directories have been around for a very long time. This is a repository of sites that are categorized. Users who search these directories find sites based on how the site authors submitted the information.

Although there is much software that suggests they can submit your site to hundreds of directories within seconds, it is often best that you take the time to manually submit your site to directories that are in line with your site’s content. Two examples of website directories are DMOZ and Yahoo directories.

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How to Get Traffic for Your Website via build backlinks

Backlinks are a very nebulous topic! Using backlinks can be very useful and effective. There are website administrators who pay to have their sites listed on other sites in order to generate the appearance of being an authority.

It really does not do you much good to have a blog about Sam’s Favorite Dog Whistles linked to a blog about The History of Art in the Colonial World. When your site is popular, others normally link to it as a reference.

This is great as long as your links are coming from other relevant sites. Some sites that are popular for creating quality backlinks are EzineArticles, ArticleBase, and ArticlesSnatch.

Social bookmarking sites are also very useful for building backlinks.

Natural Links are commented on forums or social media sites that include a link back to your site. Many sites allow you to leave a comment for a post. Most often you also are allowed to leave a link back to your site. this is a very important step to get traffic for your website.

As long as you are leaving a quality comment and not blatantly abusing the comments for spam, the site admin will approve your comment and you will have now added a link back to your site. This technique is great if you are blogging about something in your field (i.e.. Art) and you read an article on a colleague’s site that you decide you want to comment on.

That comment linked back to your site not only links both your sites together and but being that the content is relevant, your rank improves. This works the same for forums that request help from experts! I work in the IT field so many times, I will research problems on forums and sometimes I post answers to problems others IT professionals post. Linking back to my site helps improve my site rankings and increases my credibility in my field.

Getting traffic for your website is not difficult, it’s very easy but you must have patience.  Thanks for reading this whole article about how to get traffic for your website. I hope this article will help you.

Author:- This article is written by Gajanand Makwana. Currently, he owns a digital marketing website Makbuddies is close to his heart. where he does share digital marketing, SEO, and make money online informational knowledge.

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